Thursday, February 19, 2009


Humboldt shout-out.

Not a particularly exciting article ('5 California places where movies were made' might be the worst headline I've ever read) but HumCo ranks. (Also, "holy crap they shoot movies in L.A.?")

Humboldt's prominence might be growing with Mary Cruse as our new film commissioner.

We shall see.

I'll try to make a better list in the future...


Christina said...

wait what about all the goonies talk i heard up there? was that just a lie??

Guillermo said...

It looks the on-location Goonies stuff was shot in Astoria, Oregon. One scene was shot in Sonoma County though. And to me, all the north coast beach from SF to Washington looks very similar. It could be Trinidad, you know?

Hah. goonies dot org that's just awesome.

Christina said...

right well thats why it was believable.

i am watching an insane skit on SNL about Lamps. you need to look it up. wtf. this is so awesome.