Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mix tape List

In case you don't already know about this.... check it out.

So here's a new playlist idea...

Excellent Beginnings.

This is totally by taste, but the goal is to put together a list of songs that start off mind-blowingly great. The intro can be 5 or 50 seconds, but it has to be something that starts transcendentally kick-ass, and defines the song. A song that's power is absolute from the beginning. It's hard to make a long list, but I bet you all can come up with a few.

If you don't know where to begin, start by listening to Green Day's "When I Come Around". The first 8 seconds are music history 101. Guitar + bass + drums = melt you like butter.

K, Go!

Friday, March 21, 2008


See below for pics of my latest (long overdue) vacation. I got to see good friends Brett & Charmaine and spend some quality time with my cuz & Kailine (sp.?).

Meanwhile, Stu is getting his face smashed in on his (my) bike -- I'll post a pic when I get one -- and our house is getting robbed by some fucking tweaker. Stu's digital camera is out there somewhere, so keep an eye out, and in the meantime I'm creeped out because the perp climbed in through my window. Not to worry though, because I bought some pepper spray and I've got my trusty Mexican Beatin' Stick. Fucking Bleh...

On a better note, check out this magazine. Serendipity brought this to me and I want it be as influential for all of you... you can find in print (the old school way) at VX and Northtown, but only if you hurry.

If you're looking for diversion, I can easily spend 2+ hours looking at the do's and don'ts at vice. Use at your discretion.

Here's some Movies I would recommend..
-The Orphanage
-The Wicker Man-- (The original 1973 version, preferably the long version which you can borrow... if you dare)
-I spent a few hours watching cable TV the other night and the only thing I found that was half-worthwhile was Mythbusters, which was pretty damn good. Possibly the only good thing on cable that's not on Adult Swim.

Oh, and read the Adventures in Oz. Damn.

Well, Shit.

It's been a while since I updated, and I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, but here's what I've been doing...

Lookin' good...
Cosmic Golfing

And studying a menu

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ABC Song List!

I finally finished my Alphabet challenge... It was tough. Frustrating at times when you have to bump stuff you want to fit some that actually works, and towards the end I was really sweatin' it to find songs that were actually good. It's kind of cool to be forced to use the B-side songs of bands you like. It forces you to listen to songs I haven't put on everyone's mix tapes 7 times before.

It's kind of a shame to print it without the actual songs accompanying because I'm sure there are songs you guys don't know of yet, and it won't flow, but I figure I'll make a few CD's of it and pass them out to interested parties. There's no photobucket for music, I guess because record companies are all in a tizzy. Even a youtube style site would be really cool but that would be very difficult to legally maintain. So in the meantime you'll have read it and email me if you want a copy.

Here it is folks...

Atmosphere -- One of a Kind
Jorge Ben -- Xica de Silva
Coolio -- Fantasic Voyage
Decemberists -- Eli the Barrow Boy
Eagles of Death Metal -- Kiss the Devil
Fatlip -- What's Up Fatlip?
Gogol Bordello -- Harem in Tuscany
the Husbands -- I'm Doing Fine
Iggy Pop -- Sixteen
the Jam -- Down in the Tube Station at Midnight
the Kinks -- Lola
Loretta Lynn -- Mrs. Leroy Brown (double points....)
Murs -- You and I
New Order -- Temptation
the Old Prunes -- Bully in the Alley
John Prine -- Quiet Man
Q Lazarus -- Goodbye Horses
Rodrigo y Gabriela -- Vikingman
Stellastarr* -- Jenny
TV on the Radio -- Playhouses
Unkle -- Rabbit in Your Headlights
Velvet Underground -- After Hours
Weezer -- Undone: the Sweater Song
X -- Nausea
Yeah Yeah Yeahs -- Cheated Hearts
Z-Man -- Z-Mutiny

---and in song title order---

After Hours -- Velvet Underground
Bully in the Alley -- Old Prunes
Cheated Hearts -- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Down in the Tube Station at Midnight -- the Jam
Eli the Barrow Boy -- Decemberists
Fantastic Voyage -- Coolio
Goodbye Horses -- Q Lazarus
Harem in Tuscany -- Gogol Bordello
I'm Doing Fine -- the Husbands
Jenny -- Stellastarr*
Kiss the Devil -- Eagles of Death Metal
Lola -- the Kinks
Mrs. Leroy Brown -- Loretta Lynn
Nausea -- X
One of a Kind -- Atmosphere
Playhouses -- TV on the Radio
Quiet Man -- John Prine
Rabbit in Your Headlights -- Unkle
Sixteen -- Iggy Pop
Temptation -- New Order
Undone: The Sweater Song -- Weezer
Vikingman -- Rodrigo y Gabriela
What's Up Fatlip? -- Fatlip
Xica de Silva -- Jorge Ben
You and I -- Murs
Z-Mutiny -- Z-Man

Phew! As I was typing this up I realized I had fucked up... but it's all fixed so enjoy... look forward to seeing your lists.
Wow, I have as many pictures on here of Will Arnett as I do of Rachael....

Monday, March 3, 2008

I have an idea for a list that I propose everyone compile. It's a combination of something I love and a time-tested listographical form. I call it the Alphabet Song List.

Here are the guidelines. Using the English alphabet, you find a band name that starts with each letter (excluding articles) and one song for each band that starts with each letter (excluding articles).

You end up with one band for each of the 26 letters, and for each band on the list, you have to pick one song they have performed that also begins with each letter of the alphabet. You cannot repeat letters.

Ihope my explanation is sufficient. The end result is two lists that coincide. And the best part is that it should be an amazing mix-tape... CD... playlist.. podcast whatever the fuck.

Anyway, It's a list and a show and I'd love to hear everyone's. I still haven't fully completed mine.
I'm updating this a bit for clarification. This is taken from a dialogue Jamie and I had...
There's 26 songs total, with a title and band name for each if you choose Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody that counts as band name Q, and song title B. Now you have 25 more songs but you can't use another band that starts with Q or another title that starts with B. So it's easy at first but then you have to get way specific at the end... so it's kinda fun. I think the best strategy is to do the hard letters first and work from there.
I don't know how to do names but I guess David Bowie would count as B... but i'm sure you could bend the rules if you had to.
The only other thing (I forget if I mentioned this already) is that it has be good! or sortof at least. So no finding random bands... or I guess that's okay but it has to be cool songs you like and so the end result is a mix tape you're proud of...


Is That all I talk about? I guess it's just a conversation filler because, yes, I work at a movie store.

Oh, I watch them occasionally. I usually enjoy them. Because I'm careful about what I watch and generally go for my preconcieved enjoyable "genres".

Here's a Ranking:

Comedy...lowbrow, independent, romantic, blue, I like it all

Sci-Fi... yeah.

Horror... I guess... I don't really like to be scared but I like fantasy bizarre-ness and this "genre" has the most creativity... Mostly zombies, monsters, and cheesepuff slasher bullshit.

Ahh, and westerns. I like most westerns I see. Cuz it's... history, accurately represented...

And everything else falls into the same mostly unused category:

Drama, stuffy drama, period piece, biopic, arthouse, foreign arthouse, romance, east coast gangster barf, new wave, french new wave, italian new wave, croatian third wave.... blah blah blah.

not to say I don't pretty much like every movie I see, I just don't challenge myself often.

More to Come!