Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This is Snowball. I think she is the neighbor's cat. I think she is a she. I decided to call her Snowball but sometimes I get confused and call her Snowflake. Also, Squeaker would be an appropriate name. Anyway, she's taken to hanging out in my backyard, and I don't mind at all.

Cool eyes, eh!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

HSB 2007

Last year Rachael and I had a dreamy experience watching Gillian Welch at the HSB. Then I totally got a picture with her backstage (red hair, turquoise dress... you may need to squint).

I won

I swear...

I won, really

Some Dubious Video Game Moments

Questionable moment from a Kid's game...

Hey guys what's...

From another angle...

Seriously though

The reaction...

Are they doing what I think they're doing?

Monday, September 22, 2008



The big show in 2 weeks. Full Schedule's up! Go!
Now, this will be my 3rd year and there's still no good shorthand name for this event. Nothing really captures the essence except for the full name, and that's just too damn long to say every time. I most often find myself calling it simply "bluegrass", but that's not musically accurate, nor is it enough to elicit the proper connotation. We should decide on a collective phrase so tell me what it should be. I think Scott's suggestion was : MC HAMMER FEST!!!!

On that note, Krauss and Plant... Pretty cool. We're gonna try and make it. Try and listen to the album, it's a slow moody thing. Multiple covers, including Tom Waits, and their voices just add this amazing sultry thing to the songs. Robert Plant has never been so subdued, or so touching.

I'm in the swing again. I get excited and watch some "must-sees" and some new stuff, although my recent joys have been the classics.

Battle Royale: I know, cult classic at birth... but this movie was tense, shocking, and touching. As my first Fukasaku, I am now intrigued by this director.

Audition: Was my first Takashi Miike film... this movie's reputation preceded it, and I was pleasantly surprised at the subtleness of it...


Bear With Me!

Ok, all three of you who read this, and who have stopped reading it now because it's been months since I've posted. I kind of like doing this but I go through phases, just like all of my other interests. But I realized I can write about all of my interests, so no matter what I'm doing I can do a little something. So Let's try for twice (2x) a week. okay?
More and more I've been realizing and acquiescing to my role as a consumer. Not a consumer in the Corporate America sense per se (more on that at a future date), but a consumer of media as opposed to a creator. The creator is generally regarded as the nobler postition, but a consumer is many things, if not in the least the person that puts food (or liquor) in the creator's stomach.
I hear much disdain for critics, but they provide a service and I like reading other people's opinions and interpretations on all art forms. It is, however, crucial to understand that a critical opinion, even if it's a majority, is still an opinion and you can like or dislike something no matter what everyone else thinks.
My point, I suppose, is that I feel creative when I write an opinion on something that I've thought about. Maybe I don't have the potential or the motivation to put out material often (or ever), but when I form an opinion on something, I am comfortable expressing it to the public. That's my creation based on someone else's creation. I guess you might liken it to "those who can't do... teach" But fuck that, some of our favorite people are teachers, and can you imagine them in any other role?
By no means do I expect people to take my word verbatim. I don't want a cult, and I don't read any critic on film or music or art or anything else that I completely agree with. It's impossible. My taste is nearly polar from some of my best friends, and yet we soldier on.
All I'm saying is open yourself up to new things and if you still don't like 'em, then fuck it you tried.