Monday, September 22, 2008



The big show in 2 weeks. Full Schedule's up! Go!
Now, this will be my 3rd year and there's still no good shorthand name for this event. Nothing really captures the essence except for the full name, and that's just too damn long to say every time. I most often find myself calling it simply "bluegrass", but that's not musically accurate, nor is it enough to elicit the proper connotation. We should decide on a collective phrase so tell me what it should be. I think Scott's suggestion was : MC HAMMER FEST!!!!

On that note, Krauss and Plant... Pretty cool. We're gonna try and make it. Try and listen to the album, it's a slow moody thing. Multiple covers, including Tom Waits, and their voices just add this amazing sultry thing to the songs. Robert Plant has never been so subdued, or so touching.

I'm in the swing again. I get excited and watch some "must-sees" and some new stuff, although my recent joys have been the classics.

Battle Royale: I know, cult classic at birth... but this movie was tense, shocking, and touching. As my first Fukasaku, I am now intrigued by this director.

Audition: Was my first Takashi Miike film... this movie's reputation preceded it, and I was pleasantly surprised at the subtleness of it...


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walker said...

Battle Royale is amazing, and also incredible