Friday, January 4, 2008

Follow up

A continuation of movie week...

-Ilsa: She wolf of the SS - There's basically no redeeming quality to this movie. It's not terribly entertaining, and the filmmaking is all around terrible. The subject is what makes it interesting, and though I don't regret watching it, I could hav easily lived without it. I suppose it's just shocking enough to be interesting, and to paraphrase Rob Zombie, I can't believe a movie like this could ever have been made.

-The Washingtonians- I have a soft spot for the Masters of Horror Series, I haven't seen that many, but this is the worst by far. The story had promise and there were a few creepy moments in the first half but it went so off course that it was painful to watch. Stick to Pro-Life. Damn Fun

-Last Man on Earth- perhaps I watched this too soon after reading the book, so I felt myself needlessly comparing the movie to the book. However, the mood is set well, the adaptation is faithful, and Vincent Price is just plain cool.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Movie Week

I suppose it makes sense, but whenever Rachael is out of town I watch a lot more movies than I do when she's around. So, here is what I've watched this week and how it rates on the guillermo index:

-The Brothers Solomon- Excellent. Best comedy I've seen in a long time.

-Chopping Mall- Good clean fun. Eighties-riffic horror chock full of snappy lines, boobs and exploding heads. And robots. Have a nice day.

-Last House on the Left- Obviously influential 70's gritty torture porn. Not the best, but worth seeing for the historical value and weird musical juxtaposition in the vein of The Wicker Man.

-Thunderheart- This movie's pretty cool. Perhaps a bit stereotypical in the Indian-spiritualism-dancing-ghosts aspect but pretty scary and relevant regarding the government. (If you can't say fuck, you can't say fuck the government-- Lenny Bruce... which brings me to...)

-Fuck- Clearly meant for a certain type of sensibility, but some very funny moments and an undeniably positive argument for freedom of speech.

-I also began watching 30 rock and Metalocalypse which both show much promise in the future (especially if I can start to understand what the hell they're saying in Metalocalypse)...

So to wrap up... I would recommend all of these. Somehow I managed to watch only enjoyable movies this week. This definitely makes up for some wasted time in the past.

Stay tuned.