Saturday, February 2, 2008

Summer... get ready

Anyone miss summer?

here's a reminder

Are you ready yet?

Oh, and here's the proper way to spend summer...


I'm overhearing the Boosh as I write this... So that may affect the tone. Just doodled around with student universe and shit's expensive. Sudan, Egypt, Moscow, South Africa, Congo, Bangkok, they're all $1500 or more round trip. Damn.
Might have to look at one-way tickets to Canada or elsewhere if things get ugly in a year. Time will tell.
If you saw Rasket's post than you've seen what movies I watched recently, and her summation is mostly equal to mine.

Sweeney Todd- Low expectations... even lower outcome

King of Kong- High expectations... great delivery

Juno- Medium expectations... good times

See you soon.......