Saturday, January 5, 2013

Best of 2012: bowling

This was the (first quarter of the) year of the heart pine. Bowling for pins is a noble game, marked by oily cuticles, Van Halen and hangovers. Let's do Mondays at E&O.

Jeff hesitates.

Kaci celebrates.

Bowling is better in Blue Lake.
What form! (Disclaimer: that's me)

Shane knocked down pins like a county fair insider. This guy rules. 

Whip my hair.

Favorite pictures of 2012

Electronic friends are echoing a similar refrain: "2012 SUCKED!"

And that's OK. The world has treated us better, but warmth, music, food and drink made it bearable. We worked a lot. Tune in (an old timey radio phrase) for my favorite pictures that I took this year. Be patient. I narrowed it down to 250 snapshots, but I plan to reduce it to less than 100. It was a photogenic, if shitty, year.

This is the very first photograph I took in 2012, and it encapsulates the year remarkably. It's not my favorite photo, though. Stay tuned.