Friday, January 4, 2008

Follow up

A continuation of movie week...

-Ilsa: She wolf of the SS - There's basically no redeeming quality to this movie. It's not terribly entertaining, and the filmmaking is all around terrible. The subject is what makes it interesting, and though I don't regret watching it, I could hav easily lived without it. I suppose it's just shocking enough to be interesting, and to paraphrase Rob Zombie, I can't believe a movie like this could ever have been made.

-The Washingtonians- I have a soft spot for the Masters of Horror Series, I haven't seen that many, but this is the worst by far. The story had promise and there were a few creepy moments in the first half but it went so off course that it was painful to watch. Stick to Pro-Life. Damn Fun

-Last Man on Earth- perhaps I watched this too soon after reading the book, so I felt myself needlessly comparing the movie to the book. However, the mood is set well, the adaptation is faithful, and Vincent Price is just plain cool.

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