Monday, March 3, 2008

I have an idea for a list that I propose everyone compile. It's a combination of something I love and a time-tested listographical form. I call it the Alphabet Song List.

Here are the guidelines. Using the English alphabet, you find a band name that starts with each letter (excluding articles) and one song for each band that starts with each letter (excluding articles).

You end up with one band for each of the 26 letters, and for each band on the list, you have to pick one song they have performed that also begins with each letter of the alphabet. You cannot repeat letters.

Ihope my explanation is sufficient. The end result is two lists that coincide. And the best part is that it should be an amazing mix-tape... CD... playlist.. podcast whatever the fuck.

Anyway, It's a list and a show and I'd love to hear everyone's. I still haven't fully completed mine.
I'm updating this a bit for clarification. This is taken from a dialogue Jamie and I had...
There's 26 songs total, with a title and band name for each if you choose Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody that counts as band name Q, and song title B. Now you have 25 more songs but you can't use another band that starts with Q or another title that starts with B. So it's easy at first but then you have to get way specific at the end... so it's kinda fun. I think the best strategy is to do the hard letters first and work from there.
I don't know how to do names but I guess David Bowie would count as B... but i'm sure you could bend the rules if you had to.
The only other thing (I forget if I mentioned this already) is that it has be good! or sortof at least. So no finding random bands... or I guess that's okay but it has to be cool songs you like and so the end result is a mix tape you're proud of...

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