Friday, March 21, 2008


See below for pics of my latest (long overdue) vacation. I got to see good friends Brett & Charmaine and spend some quality time with my cuz & Kailine (sp.?).

Meanwhile, Stu is getting his face smashed in on his (my) bike -- I'll post a pic when I get one -- and our house is getting robbed by some fucking tweaker. Stu's digital camera is out there somewhere, so keep an eye out, and in the meantime I'm creeped out because the perp climbed in through my window. Not to worry though, because I bought some pepper spray and I've got my trusty Mexican Beatin' Stick. Fucking Bleh...

On a better note, check out this magazine. Serendipity brought this to me and I want it be as influential for all of you... you can find in print (the old school way) at VX and Northtown, but only if you hurry.

If you're looking for diversion, I can easily spend 2+ hours looking at the do's and don'ts at vice. Use at your discretion.

Here's some Movies I would recommend..
-The Orphanage
-The Wicker Man-- (The original 1973 version, preferably the long version which you can borrow... if you dare)
-I spent a few hours watching cable TV the other night and the only thing I found that was half-worthwhile was Mythbusters, which was pretty damn good. Possibly the only good thing on cable that's not on Adult Swim.

Oh, and read the Adventures in Oz. Damn.

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walker said...

would enjoy borrowing the AiO series.