Saturday, February 21, 2009

Games that I rocked as a kid

Oh man, Rasket struck gold with that post. It also reminds me of the Games Of Our Lives feature on AVClub, though I'm not sure they really do that any more.

Anyway, this is for all the kids whose parents wouldn't allow console games. We had to get our kicks on computer games and I still believe it was the golden age of PC gaming (Mac too, if there exists a golden age of mac gaming).

Adventure games ruled and best of the era was LOOM. You can torrent it still and it's truly amazing. the depth of the story and the feel of the world and its guilds seriously influenced my world outlook. It was a little hard for me at the age I was playing; I remember my Dad had to help a lot because the mechanic for casting spells was by matching notes and playing on a musical clef. Tricky shit for an 8-year-old. Definitely a spark in my gaming life.


Darsky said...

hey yous. yeah, so i dont really root for any particular team, although i'm partial to Liverpool and Chelsea :)

rasket said...

I'm not going to let you download LOOM onto my computer, but maybe I'll play it on your computer...someday