Friday, February 20, 2009

California Filming Locations Part 1

I realize that Chronicle piece I linked earlier was a travel article, but I felt like the scope of it was kind of strange. In L.A. they mention specific hotels but the only specific city in Humboldt they mention is Ferndale, which has been filmed in multiple times. I'll kick off my own list now with travel-ability considered.

Owens Valley: Tons of westerns filmed here from the 20's to the 70's from most major cowboy serial stars. Gary Cooper, Randolph Scott, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, were basically permanent residents. The Alabama Hills (pictured) rank with monument valley in iconic western locations. The Owens Valley is super gorgeous with the Sierra Nevadas to the west and the Inyo Mountains to the east. Its proximity to L.A. and rugged terrain made it a popular go-to location for Hollywood. Bogey's movie "High Sierra" was filmed in Lone Pine (located under Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous U.S.) .


Fight, love, live was the inspiration for the name of this historical mansion located in Woodside (1/2 hour south of San Francisco). Warren Beatty filmed "Heaven Can Wait" there. It was Michael Douglas' house in "The Game". It also served as the establishing shot for "Dynasty". Yeah, that's right, the Carrington Mansion. Although only the pilot was actually filmed there. Its most important contribution to cinema: The Wedding Planner.

Coming up in part 2: Humboldt!


rasket said...

you forgot george of the jungle, fool!

filmed at filoli

Borenbega said...

oh boy, do i have photos of owen's valley.

how can i post them/

somehow grantowitz has been there and he's done that but i bet he does it some more

making westerns at whitney portal that is.

you can still see the rocks where h. bogart got shot.