Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Mae Shi

These guys will get big fast. And soon. In fact they already are. I saw them last night at the Green House. If you like fast fast pop then you'll like them. Watch the video. They kind of remind me of Los Campesinos, but less orchestral. Good stuff and the live show was both magnanimous and intimate. They brought a parachute!

I have some pics on my flickr account here. And Rachael wrote them up here.

Wow. Just wow. Searching for the Mae Shi video link led me to this gem which must be heard. If you haven't heard all of the hoopla you might want to see this before you watch. This is priceless in its own right, especially if you turn it up so you can hear the reactions of the non-Bales.

Brother was pretty cool too. We didn't see them but we heard them from the stairwell and the drummer was pretty amazing.


Christina said...

dude hahahhahaa i love you for finding this because i've been saying all day that if someone doesnt remix this i'm going to have to learn to do it on my own and that would be a trainwreck.

i get actors. well, you know why. but this is beyond diva behavior. it cannot be tolerated without a beat in the background.

my question is how he plans on dealing with this. will he retreat into the background for a while? will he step up and own in to save his career (i.e., get on SNL and do a skit making fun of himself), or will he do some insane shit where he starts an organization devoted to weeding out inconsiderate techies? i hope for the latter. because its GREAT material for people like us.

Guillermo said...

Dude the comments boards on LA Times and the like are full of vitriolic shit about this. I don't know if I've ever seen something so discussed. And frankly, there's shit going on that we can't see so no one can really judge. But it's pretty funny.

And the David O. Russell one is good too if you haven't seen it.

Man this one is so priceless! Everyone's stuck in the car and Marky Mark's face is hilarious.

Christina said...

that movie seemed like a nightmare to be in anyway. i actually sympathize with them on this.

(dustin is awesome.)

Guillermo said...

The last i'll say about Mr. Bale is that he must have been really, really grumpy during the machinist. Ha!