Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You know what reeeeeaaaaallllly bothers me?

I never understood the law against flyering telephone poles. It seemed like an arbitrary law, one that gave that downtown "ripper" some curmudgeonly quest. I never found flyered poles unsightly, so it seemed more like a slight against fun.

But that's all changed now. Living on the southeast corner of a busy intersection in downtown Arcata means my house and yard are in the direct path of every flyer that blows off of a pole. Which is nearly every one. It's windy in this town, and staples, duct tape and nails are no match.

Now my daily charge is to walk through the yard and pick some tattered shit. And I expect this from the knuckleheads who pull up in their lifted 'pornstar' and 'fat rat records' ass-mobiles, but every telephone pole in Arcata is sporting an AS and Center Arts flyer. Shouldn't a venerable institution like HSU follow the law in this town?

And you know what else? Anyone looked at the Center Arts lineup this year? Not bad, some regulars and as usual some intriguing bands and performers. But shit my knickers, it's $65 to see Chris Isaak. $55 for students. Who are they fucking kidding? Looks like only the Arcatarati and dopers are gonna be seeing shows on campus this year.

There's a few at $25 and the cheapest I saw, at $20 (for students) is Gillian Welch. Good for her.


Mrs. Jones said...

And we should buy tickets all together, so we get the "pick six" deals too. Let's sit around with the aunties and peruse the line-up. Dave Manz is up for Gillian, I'll bet.

Anonymous said...

like this?

G Dazzle said...