Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Rachael and I spent the last three nights in Lassen, enjoying the elevation and escape.

They just opened the road through the park, so it was quite low in traffic and it felt like we had it pretty well to ourselves.

We didn't get to climb the peak, much to Rachael's lament (I'm sure she will vent), but we climbed Cinder Cone, walked out to Mill Creek Falls, and drove from end to end of the park, stopping along the way.

We stayed at Manzanita Lake, which was quiet and nice, at least in the furthermost site, which we had.

If nothing else, it served as an indication of how out of shape I am...

Anyway, here are some highlights in photos and check out Rachael's cuz she has a better camera than me...

Mill Creek Falls... Don't Fall!

Cinder Cone
Lassen from Manzanita Lake
holy moley
the view from our site

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