Friday, May 8, 2009

Uniforms on the Job

Here's an interesting ruling I'm actually surprised by which could affect all of you uniformists.

Doesn't matter to me much anymore, but when I worked at the theater we were expected to come to work early enough to get ready off the clock or come to work dressed. I found that to be a little strange considering we were required to wear uniforms.

Anyway, fighting the Catheatres machine proved fruitless (surprise) but I wonder if we could have legal grounds to demand pay for preparing for work.

Nobody's going to argue that an usher has the same responsibilities as a police (that's how they say it in Baltimore), but this line in particular is meaningful:

The ruling "found that the several minutes it takes an officer to dress for duty is a vital part of the job because "police uniforms convey and legitimize officers' authority, increase officer safety, and help deter crime."

So, if Coming Attractions thinks that uniforms are "a vital part of the job" (which they do- CA uses very heavy-handed rhetoric in their manual and policies), then it should be part of the job to prepare for work by dressing. A paid part.

Or you can wear your own clothes to work.

It's bad enough you have to buy your own uniforms for the privilege to work for minimum wage, but that's another story.

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