Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Um yeah

This will probably end up on my "worst of" list for the 00s. But fuck it, this song reminds me of Los Angeles like no other. Don't watch the video. Music videos that take songs too literally piss me off. Just listen.


Christina said...

hahahahah i heard this in a liquor store the other day and almost (ALMOST) felt one tear of nostalgia burn in my eye.

Christina said...

and i still dont know if theyre saying "so keep your foot on your heaaaad"

youre right. its rather obnoxious. and all i can remember is singing it with the whiny voice and needing to skip to the next song by the second chorus.

Christina said...

HAHHAHA!! iiiii like boyyyys....
yo this song has so much crap i forgot about embedded in it.
ok. i'll stop now.