Monday, January 19, 2009


I guess the point of this 'blog is to write whatever the fuck you want but I still have trouble deciding what the tone should be. I've used it primarily as an outlet to talk about what I think is cool (or what sucks) in music and movies... but I like to talk about myself (who doesn't) and I want to be personal as well as objective.

But objectivity is boring and we live too short of lives not to opine. I change my mind all the time. Everything changes, and this is going to be my diarrhetic diary of self indulgence.

Here's a theme that wil dominate; Lists. I love them and hate them, and will publish them all the time. End of the year lists are the best (worst), although I only have this to offer:

The Worst Movie of 2008:

What Happens in Vegas.

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