Friday, January 28, 2011

Rebel Fashion

Northern Africa and the Mideast are dealing with some serious shit right now. Tunisia's governmental collapse and subsequent turmoil in Egypt is scary. Scary. I don't wish to trivialize the upheaval and human suffering, but -with all deference- these protesters look AMAZING.

I stared at this photo for 10 minutes (Moise Saman- NY Times).  It's heartbreaking. But I'm Goddamned if this group of dissenters doesn't look beautiful... Do protesters in Egypt dress this well?


Is that an H&M hooded jacket? Purple tee (thanks Eugene) and hand-made balaclava? Fuck Yes. (Grace Kassab, AP)

This group of upstarts is so chic it's beyond words (Zohra Bensemra, Reuters). That keffiyeh is wicked cool. Hoods, ringed sweaters and black jackets are so fucking in right now.

Seriously; 80 million worldly, educated, principled people just lost access to Internet and cellular service in Egypt. They lost their voice. At minimum, pay attention:

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Anonymous said...

Egypt rises, We hope.

Fashion and everything,