Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 - The Season of the Nic

I've decided to take on my long-threatened Cage Match: a year of watching all of Nicolas Cage's credited titles. A point of contention in my household, my defense of Saint Nic has led to many fruitless arguments. I'm the first to admit he's been in some terrible movies, but he's amazing, right? That's the challenge - to endure the most loathsome titles in his ouevre.

But Cage has been in terrific movies too. It will be hard to top what's already my favorite movie of his: Adaptation is one of my favorite movies, apart from the Cage list.

Check in regualrly to learn about the best and worst of Cage's career. The must-sees and the avoid-at-all-costs. The mediocre might be the hardest to watch. lists 66 titles for Cage, including five in development or production, and one slated for release in February. There's a credit for his bit part in Rob Zombie's "Grindhouse" trailer and a few animated films he voiced. I'm putting the animated films on the bottom of my list, as I will consider it a minor ding on my record if I fail to see them.

The order is going to be haphazard, as I'll be choosing what to watch according to how I feel at the time and I don't want to get stuck with all the bombs at the end, or get hung up on titles I can't find. Anything out of print or arduously difficult to track down may have to be stricken from the record. Wish me luck!

I'm going to approach the challenge in order of preference.


sean and jenny said...

I'm curious what a film like "Sonny" does for you. Since he is in the film and also Directed it does it count as two? Will you watch it twice? Double Duty. Your so hardcore.

The Mind of Seth said...

I should definitely join you for this! Let me know when and where and we will bask in the glory of Nic together!