Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2010

This year's Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival had a lot to live up to. It didn't fail. It was as emotionally powerful as ever. And a lot of fun. Here's some pics I took over a couple of days. Be sure to check out The Life of Rasket for some equally (well almost) good pictures of the event. Click on the pictures for the full-size image.

The Carolina Chocolate Drops play old-timey tunes with verve and panache.
Jugs, Jews harp, they are decidedly more low-tech than most of the other bands, even at a bluegrass festival.

With impeccable style, no less.

My favorite crowd shot. There's so much to see in this photo. I especially like the anxious girl in red.

Elvis Costello and Jerry Douglas slayed 'em.


Exene is incredible - a really haunting beautiful sound.

This is a nice stage because it's not overcrowded. You can move around and see the bands from different places.

Exene talked about the Phoenix Hotel. Apparently, she's seen a ghost in her 20+ years staying there.

Exene was one of many to sing songs about L.A. I didn't hear anyone do "If You're Going to San Francisco."

Someone snapping a photo of Patti Smith amongst the throngs.

Go Giants!

Patti Smith is an amazing presence. Her "Play With Fire" cover was exceptional. She drew the most tears, from what I could tell.

Randy Newman. Wonder if he brought that piano from home.

Nice Gillian Welch suspenders.

Lots of stylish people to gawk at.

"I Love L.A." may have sparked some rivalry in the audience.

Dancing to "Stacy's Mom." Fountains of Wayne was a bit of a head-scratcher,

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Nate said...

Great photos! I especially enjoyed the shots of Elvis Costello, that stylish bastard. I love the man, myself. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform a few years back in Oregon. He played for 3 hours. It was amazing.