Friday, September 11, 2009

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Here's the broadcast of my first show- unedited for your flub-listening pleasure. All in all it was pretty smooth and fun... until I realized that the clock in the booth is 10 minutes fast and I had Ten minutes still to go... so yeah. I ad-libbed a little at the end. Enjoy!

Ugh... also the first 5 minutes of music are pretty overmodulated so sorry bout that. It gets better, I promise.

And tune in next Friday (and every Friday) on!


Mrs. Jones said...

What does overmodulated mean? I liked the show, once I finally figured out that I had to turn on Walker's computer to listen through iTunes. Slow on the up-take. Interesting ecclectic mix.

Christina said...

nice touch with the hitchcock. i think if youre going to go with this kind of thing it would be worthwhile to share interesting bits of information about maybe what the artist was doing before the song was made popular in whatever movie-- just something that makes people who love film and love music see how they both feed into eachother and have pretty happy symbiosis occur. and if some rockstar punched a director in the ear at any point, those stories are really really welcome. thanks for sharing!! it was a nice end to my night! congrats on a great first run :)

G Dazzle said...

Overmodulated means... I had my ipod on too loud for the setup and it sounds distorted and ugly. You can hear it in the beginning. But I promise no more of that.

G Dazzle said...

And Tina... thanks. I'm into that. It's kinda crazy cuz I spent 4 hours (no exaggeration) the night before my show planning. For a 1 hour show. Buuuuuuuut... What you said there is exactly what i want to do so I'm gonna strive for that. In the future I'll be more specific and have more factoids. Hopefully. Thanks for listening!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I almost heard the whole thing until I clicked on "leave comment." Dang!

Nice show, Dude.

Meagan said...

GREAT JOB! I am so excited to hear more. I really loved it :) Keep up the great work.