Monday, May 26, 2008

Blah di Blah

Do I talk about anything but movies? Probably not. I don't even watch movies but working in a video store makes it a constant topic of discourse.

However, I have watched three movies this week, a true feat, so 'ere:

Iron Man: Pretty cool, fun, bullshit movie that's good on the big screen. Further instills my faith in Favreau. I didn't even need to drink beer to enjoy it. Terse fight scenes and one-liners that don't make you embarrassed. Also prompted me to watch...

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Finally... Robert D. J. is absolutely the most charismatic likeable "big tabloid style star" in Hollywood. And Val is pretty cool too. LA inside joke movies like this are often... (I can't think of a better word than) Stupid. But this reminds me of "Day of the Locust" and"Get Shorty" and the Ethan Coen short story book, which are all recommended reading. Val Kilmer should do more comedies. Or anything, I miss that guy. And Jeff Goldblum.

the Golden Compass: Bleh. What can I say that everyone else hasn't. It was pretty decent and the effects were cool but as Jamye said it tried to pack too many big set pieces in at the expense of congruity for those who hadn't read the book, and those that had read the book (well, me at least) felt like the coolest elements (having a fucking Daemon!) were played down. There's no way a movie can reach the depth that the books and the reader's imagination can in a fantasy like this. However it was a good effort and fun and the girl that plays Lyra is the only child/teen actor that I can even think of that was actually convincing and cool.

I'll let you know soon about some books I'm working on and my only other advice is to stay away from Elder Scrolls: Oblivion unless you want to play for 13 hours straight until 5 in the morning and not even remember what you did the next day. Ouch!

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walker said...

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man have turned Robert Downey Jr into my complete favorite actor, methinks.