Saturday, December 22, 2007


Fallout is infecting my brain. I am viewing my day-to-day life as turn based.

On another note... I took two movies from my work today that were left there for months... basically the lost and found of DVDs. The Big Sleep, which is a pretty good movie, and a double DVD set of A little Princess and the Secret Garden. The latter is in the hope that I have a daughter someday... but I was pleasantly surprised to see that "A Little Princess" was directed mby Alfonso Cuaron who is high on my list of great contemporary directors, if only because of "Children of Men" (which is another story). But now that I think of it, he directed the best Harry Potter film as well.


rasket said...

you are a weirdo. enough said.

p.s. someone is becoming quite the blogger : )

Christina said...

i am hopelessly devoted to the Walter Lang version

i grew up watching it (it being one of 3 videos at my grandparents' house: the other two being a betty boop compilation and a movie about an elf (dudley moore) who goes corporate) but its worth seeing if you havent yet.

Guillermo said...

Holy Crap this is an old post. I can't believe I've had this since 2007.

I still haven't watched little princess, but its next on my list. Kids' movies might be my new obsession.

Christina said...

this is the moment in the film that most obsessed me, and once you watch it you'll probably understand why, because you understand my madness:

p.s. this is a rare musical moment in the film. its not this cheesy. its actually rather depressing and this scene is a moment where they attempt to be happy despite a whole lot of horrible crap going on. seriously great movie.